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It’s a situation that we have all been in at one point or another. You’re in a rush to get home from work after completing your errands and, somewhere along the way, you misplace your house keys. Maybe you even forgot to grab them before you walked out the door that morning. Either way, now you are standing in front of your door empty-handed with no way to get inside! The situation only becomes more frustrating when you add in the weather, or a busy schedule that means you must be in another location.

When that happens, All Secure Locksmiths in Balwyn can arrive with one our fully equipped vans to get you back inside in a hurry. If your keys are missing entirely, we can help you with that, too. Before you call for a locksmith, though, try some of these helpful pointers that could save you the frustration of becoming locked outside!

Tips and Tricks for When You Get Locked Out of Your Home

  1. Give the door another try before you pick up the phone. Many people are often surprised to discover that their door was not actually locked in the first place. If you forgot your keys at home before leaving for work, perhaps you didn’t even remember to lock the door! Other times the knob may become stuck, or perhaps your lock is temperamental and does not always unlock. Before calling a locksmith to Balwyn, check to see if you really are locked out. If your lock is damaged and needs repair, we can fix it so that it works like new.
  2. Do you keep a spare key in a safe place? Think about whether or not you’ve ever placed a spare key under a mat or near a plant outside. Do you perhaps have a spare key in your car or purse that you’ve forgotten about? It’s worth checking before calling for Balwyn locksmiths. However, if your keys are lost, we can create new keys for you or re-key the lock altogether. It might even be a good idea to request a few spares to avoid ending up in the same situation again.
  3. Do you have your key, but it just won’t open the lock any longer? Try lubricating the lock if your key won’t turn. Using any common metal lubricant spray inside of the lock can sometimes do the trick. The pins inside the lock may be stuck and not fully engaging when you insert your key. If the issue persists, call All Secure Locksmiths in to remedy the problem.


Still Stuck Outside in Balwyn? All Secure Locksmiths Is On the Way!

We offer 24/7 emergency service so no matter when you’re locked out of your home or office, we can help. Whether it’s re-keying your lock or providing you with spares, we’re excited to offer Balwyn locksmith services that are always high-quality, always reliable, and always priced fairly. Getting stuck outside is stressful, but All Secure Locksmiths will make the experience quick and painless. Give us a ring on 03 9306 6760 or 04 2114 9760 anytime for rapid assistance.